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bye bye 2010

Wow! a year has already come and gone. It’s been a good year. I have accomplished a lot of the goals I set out
for the year 2010. 🙂

And I didn’t finish some things I wanted to. I had good success with a viral traffic generator
that I launched back in July called TrafficBarAds.com.

Met some really cool people in the internet marketing niche. Some set me in the right direction. Found out who’s real and who’s not. 🙂
I know who’s got my back and doesn’t, so that’s cool. I have helped a lot of peeps whether it being promoting their programs or
just helping in general.

Watched s few bullshit programs being launched in 2010. You know the ones, make $5,000 a day by just pushing this big red button! Only $47 for all the
secrets. 🙂 Come on, if your making $5k a day why would you sell that info to thousands of people for only $47?

All in all no regrets for 2010.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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