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Free Car Insurance Quotes

Well I know this is a marketing blog but everyone needs auto insurance if you drive a vehicle. So let’s take a quick break from the usual IM talk. If you live in the USA you can get easy car insurance quotes online. There are many sites that offer free auto insurance comparisons online. You […]


Recipes for cappuccino anyone?

Take of break from internet marketing and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee. At least that’s what I like to do. I also enjoy my coffee while working. What about you? Do you love a good cup of coffee? Or how about anything coffee related. Like a good slice of coffee cake. Yum. I thought […]


How to make a twitter background

So I decided I need a new twitter background since mine was getting old. I thought I would write a post and show you how to design one with photoshop, but then I thought most people don’t have photoshop and I actually found a cool free resource where you can make your own background. I […]


What’s your passion?

I love working online and helping people reach their goals and succeed. I love waking up every morning and reading through emails, checking all my sites and making sure everything is running smooth. Answering questions and helping out anyway I can. Wait! We can have more than one passion, right? I love to design and […]