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Controlling Your Computer’s Privacy

A common (and well reasoned) theory is that when you delete files on your computer, they’re gone. The problem is that this isn’t true. Files, emails, and internet browsing history can save backups of themselves in hidden locations on your computer. These little footprints can cause your computer to run slow, bog down, take longer to boot up, and even crash frequently.

Retrieving these long lost files would be very hard to do manually. Unfortunately there are pieces of software out there designed to do just this. They can retrieve all kinds of files and emails that you thought you deleted long ago. Using these programs requires absolutely no technological skill. That means your friend, boss, or spouse could be looking through everything you’ve ever done on your computer.

Many people have faced lawsuits, divorce, or legal action based on files and emails found using these recovery programs. If you want to keep your privacy as well as guard against legal action, it is recommended you look into a privacy control program. There are a bunch of these programs on the internet, unfortunately many are scams.

The Your Computer Privacy Is At Risk report is completely free and will teach you everything you need to know about these little footprints, how to stop them from appearing, and how to get rid of the ones infesting your computer. If you want to keep your privacy when using your computer and the internet, you should at least check out this free report.

Internet browsers can store every website you’ve visited for years, that means anyone can look through what you have for a long time. There are many ways to stop people from being able to do this, but it isn’t enough to just clear your history every once in a while. Check out the free report for more info.

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