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Covert Pinpress

A brand new wp theme called Covert Pinpress has just launched.

This comes from the same peeps over at IM Wealth Builders that released two previous plugins that rocked. I use them on this blog. This theme uses the same layout like the popular site called pinterest.

When you’re using the Covert PinPress theme your blog will look, feel and work just like Pinterest, complete with:

* Grid style post layout
* Automatic loading of more posts when scrolling
* The yellow “nag bar” (a widget area you can put anything in, or turn off completely)
* Your categories and pages as your navigation menu (just like on Pinterest).
* And even though Pinterest doesn’t do it, we have added the option to use a side bar on the front page

This will give you a huge advantage over your competition…

Your visitors are much more likely to stick around, click on stuff and read your posts when you use this format.

Check out the official site here.

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