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Traffic Getting Secrets

Getting results from traffic exchanges is really rather
easy …if you know what you’re doing.

For example, you know those expert exchange owners you
see on internet TV?

Well, you can be as good as any one of those guys when
they are on the TV making it all look so easy.

And to let the cat out of the bag, one of the reasons
they get spectacular results is that they are obsessed
with using the right traffic exchanges

They are constantly keeping their eyes peeled for the
next traffic exchange destined to deliver big time traffic.
After all, it takes a humongous amount of traffic to get
the results they used to seeing

They look for exchanges like

ChessAds Traffic Exchange

The criteria they use to pick exchanges is very
interesting and you might be surprised at how they
decide to use an exchange or not.

Here’s what they’re NOT about:

1. outrageous bonuses for joining
2. ridiculous surf ratios
3. stupid surf rewards that kill results

Here’s what they ARE about:

1. owners who know what they are doing
2. fast flowing traffic
3. enjoyable surfing sessions

The reason exchanges that meet their strict criteria
are so effective is because they are based on one
critical thing …flooding your pages with the “right
kind of visitors”

Right now, chances the way you pick exchanges are based
from the advice of the surfers and owners you know and
socialize with

In fact, almost all of the surfers you know rely on one
thing in common when it comes to deciding what traffic
exchanges to join:

Join as many as traffic exchanges as possible

But the experts know that joining every exchange around
dilutes your results because it takes too much time and
most traffic exchanges are a complete and utter waste
of your time and money

I’ll give you an example:

First, let’s agree that almost anybody can start a
traffic exchange. When you look at at all the ugly
cookie cutter exchanges out there, you have to agree,
don’t you?


The owner offers outrageous bonuses for joining because
design and copy are poor

So nobody is surfing because everybody has gazillions
and gazillions of credits

The exchange never grows

Your pages don’t get seen

Waste of time, right?

But WAIT! You are getting quality traffic from some of
the good exchanges

The ones with..

* Clean Design
* Well Written and Compelling Copy
* Great Owners

Well, here’s what is going on in most surfers minds
when they are joining traffic exchanges .

Your fellow surfers are thinking,

right here! This is great!

…If one exchange works well, then joining a hundred
will skyrocket my results

And they next exchange works out and, maybe, the one
after that

But soon they hit a brick wall, they are joining
traffic exchanges to beat the band and their results
start going down

That’s because they are diluting their efforts by
surfing too many and they are destroying their
credibility with bad recommendations

But, the good news is

You don’t need join 100 exchanges – just the good big
exchanges and the “HOT” exchanges

Exchanges can’t become big unless they were “HOT” to
begin with

Make sure you join ChessAds Traffic Exchange -IT’S ON
FIRE- today so you can get started the getting the
quality traffic you need to blow the lid off your

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