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Reed Floren’s Massive Thanksgiving JV Giveaway Event

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Which Autoresponder to use?

With so many autoresponders out there which one do I use?

Over the many years of email marketing I have done I have used a few
different autoresponders like aweber, imnicamail and getresponse. They all
have pros and cons but recently I have come across two autoresponders
that I now use with great results.

The first one I started using is called RocketResponder
This is a great autoresponder or newbies! Easy simple to use. Simple to set up campaigns etc. And get this! Only
$20/month for unlimited subscribers!

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The second autoresponder is TrafficWave.
This is another great autoresponder for newbies as well. TrafficWave also offers
unlimited subscribers for under $18/month. They also have a 30 day free trial. What I love about TrafficWave is their affiliate program. It goes 10 levels deep so you have the ability to earn awesome
monthly commissions! Check them out you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s a couple great free eBook guides on both autoresponders if you want more info.

Free RocketResponder eBook Guide

Free TrafficWave eBook Guide

Top 10 Tools For Social Media!

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Top 10 Social Tools

Top 10 Social Tools

Covert Social Press Review

From: Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye aka
The IM Wealth Builders.
Cashing In With Covert Social Press – the most important JVZoo
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Check out this video and see how covert social press can power your own
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covert social press

Covert Copy Traffic Review

Click Here To Visit The Official Covert copy Site.

The covert copy traffic is a wordpress plugin that
gets more social shares, more backlinks & more traffic
than any blogs using any other social sharing strategies!

If your blog gets just a trickle of visitors – this plugin
will increase your numbers… period!

Here’s what you can do with covert copy traffic.

* Change the text appearing before your link. You have unlimited
space here – and you can even leave it blank if you only want to
show a link.

* You get full control over what link you want included when people
copy and paste from your site.

* You can link to the individual sites the content was copied from
(great for deep links and targeted traffic).

* You can choose to link your blog’s home page (great if you are
trying to rank the front page or get traffic there).

* You can link to any website – this could for example be an affiliate
link (a great way to profit from social sharing).

* You can even choose not to use any links, if you just want the text
to appear.

* You decide if you want your attribution (text and link) to show above
or below the copy-pasted content.

* And finally you can set a minimum number of copied words required before
the plugin activates your magic (if you set it to zero it will kick in if
they copy as much as a blank space from your site!)

Visit The Official Covert copy Site.

Check this video out that explains how this powerful plugin works.

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Covert WordPress Video Review

Check out the official site for Covert Video WordPress Theme Here

Check out this super hot new WordPress theme that makes your blog look,
feel and work just like Youtube!

The Average Internet User Spends 15 Minutes On Youtube Every Single Day…
For A Total Of Over 2 Billion Daily Views!

And With This Game Changing WordPress Theme You Can Cash In On This Lucrative
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Covert VideoPress is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress theme.
That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted
WordPress blog.

After the dreaded Panda and Penguin updates the whole SEO game changed.

The single biggest factor for ranking high is now your bounce rate.

Loosely translated that means – the more time people spend on your site, the more Google
will think you are relevant to your keywords, and they will thus rank you higher.

That’s why video is the king of online content today – people simple spend more time watching
videos than they do reading normal blog posts.

And with the brand new Covert VideoPress theme you can easily run your own video site (just
like Youtube) – and you can do it without ever having to create a single video yourself.

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Covert Pinpress

A brand new wp theme called Covert Pinpress has just launched.

This comes from the same peeps over at IM Wealth Builders that released two previous plugins that rocked. I use them on this blog. This theme uses the same layout like the popular site called pinterest.

When you’re using the Covert PinPress theme your blog will look, feel and work just like Pinterest, complete with:

* Grid style post layout
* Automatic loading of more posts when scrolling
* The yellow “nag bar” (a widget area you can put anything in, or turn off completely)
* Your categories and pages as your navigation menu (just like on Pinterest).
* And even though Pinterest doesn’t do it, we have added the option to use a side bar on the front page

This will give you a huge advantage over your competition…

Your visitors are much more likely to stick around, click on stuff and read your posts when you use this format.

Check out the official site here.

Simple Ad Profitz Launch

Hey a new ad service has just launched on May 22 2012. I signed up and received $200 in free advertising credits. You can advertise text links and banners on simple ad profitz. It’s free to join with a couple of upgrade options. It looks like it’s well worth the upgrades. You also get paid weekly commissions. If your looking to advertise your online business especially your opt in squeeze pages then check out the official site below.